Uplay Cracker

Free Uplay Password Cracker Ver: 1.0

• Combo Cracking
• Full Capture
• Need Proxy
• Supports various proxy types(HTTP/Https, Socks4, Socks5)
Combo Maker
• Remove duplicate items
• Multi Threads
• Threads safe
• Powerful tool
• Very efficient
• Very high speed

In the “Brute Force” tab:

In this section, you can Crack by entering the combo list.

You must first enter a list of Combo (Email:Password) into the software(Load Combo Button).
Which duplicate items will be automatically deleted.

Cracking can be done in two modes with proxy and no proxy(Proxyless):
•  If you do this without a proxy(Proxyless), the crack speed will be higher, but eventually after several times the website will detect your attack and your IP will be blocked.
•  But if you use a proxy then the crack process continues without any problems. To do this, you must first select the proxy type, then enter the proxy list into the program.You can use three types of proxies (HTTP/Https, Socks4, Socks5).

Reminder: Use the “fresh” and high-speed proxies to speed up cracking.

Finally, clicking on the Start button will begin the crack process.

To activate the license:
1) you must first register on our website. Or, if you have already registered, log into your account.
2) Then add your unique number to your table in your profile.

then the license will be automatically activated and you can enjoy the program without any restrictions.