Combo Tools

Combo Tools Ver: 1.0

• Combine username and password
• Combine email and password
• Remove duplicate items
• Convert username to email
• Convert email to username
• Combo Maker


You must first enter a list of username/email into the software(Load UserName Button).
Which duplicate items will be automatically deleted.

In the next step you can convert the entered list from user name to email and email to user name. If you want to convert the username into email, we have three options for you (gmail, hotmail, yahoo) But if you are looking for another site(for example, you can mark the “Custom check box” and enter its name in the corresponding field to convert the username into a custom email.

Finally, you must enter a list of passwords in the software(Load Password Button). and Click the “Combo Maker” button to create a combo for you.(Combo created in the current directory will be saved)